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This page concerns citizenship issues in the large, rather than in the narrower sense of nationality, although of course this is included. The aim is to report on EU and UK national citizenship issues and initiatives, as well as reports and recommendations from The Europeans throughout the World (ETTW) and from the "Europe on the Move" meetings in Paris (September 2008) and Rome (April 2010).




Update after European Parliament Citizenship Hearing on 19 February 2013

Three of us, members of the Bureau of the Europeans throughout the World (President Paschalis Papachristopoulos, Vice-President Karine Henrotte and Secretary General Nicholas Newman) went to this hearing and contributed to the debates. In the report below, please see the intervention of Mrs Jacqueline Cotterill, who lives in Spain.


The ETTW Conference on Citizenship, Copenhagen, 20 April 2012


The conference produced two important documents:


ETTW Copenhagen Conference - Voting Rights and Citizenship 120423.pdf which started out as the press release that followed the conference


and the ETTW Copenhagen Recommendations 120420.pdf 


As I have not yet been able to upload these because of some as yet unexplained technical problem, I hope to be able to supply the links on this site soon. In the meantime I have linked to the copies on the ETTW website


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