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Her Majesty's Government is being manifestly dishonest and proposing to act as a CROOK, a THIEF.


Her Majesty's Government at first refused to pay the Winter Fuel Payment to expatriate UK pensioners living in the EEA and Switzerland. As this was confirmed by the European Court of Justice in 2011 to be illegal (the Stewart case), HMG was forced to pay them.


However George Osborne and Iain Duncan-Smith, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions and his Department, wish to exclude countries that according to them are warmer in winter than the South-West of England.


To quote The Guardian at

  • The Guardian, Wednesday 26 June 2013 20.05 BST
  • The Treasury said the test would be based on historic climate data, which contrasts average winter temperatures from the warmest region of the UK (5.6C in south-west England) with average temperatures for other European countries, over a 29-year period.
  • This means that all pensioners living in France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Malta, Gibraltar and Cyprus, will no longer get the benefit as they have warmer winter weather.
  • However the Treasury said that the test, as currently devised, would not bar pensioners living in warm countries outside the EU, such as the India and Kenya.
  • The test also means that pensioners living in Sicily, where the average January mercury levels reach 13C, could claim the benefit while those living in the heart of the French Alps could not.


See the analysis by the Department of Work and Pensions at



The WFP-TL proposal lists 7 countries (Cyprus, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Malta, Portugal and Spain) that will become out of scope for payment of WFP.


This is also clearly illegal and based furtherrmore on DISHONEST inclusion of French tropical islands in the statistics, according to The CONNEXION - - 

while excluding British tropical islands.


Is it possible that the statistics for Spain included the Canary Islands and that those for Portugal included Madeira?


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