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WFP SCANDAL - article in VAR VILLAGE VOICE by Anita Rieu-Sicart






Apparently Minister Iain Duncan Smith’s Department of Works & Pensions has linked temperatures for France’s tropical territories - Martinique, Reunion, Guadeloupe, Mayotte, and French Guiana - with those of Metropolitan France to create typical winter average!  Obviously with the sole objective of  depriving UK expats in France of the Winter Fuel Allowance.


One can only conclude from this that Minister IDS, and his Department of W & P, have all collectively gone mad and joined the Monster Raving Loony Party, and sworn undying allegiance to the late Screaming Lord Sutch.


According to them French tropical islands help determine what the average temperature Winter or Summer is for Metropolitan France - does anyone need to spell out such idiocy. It reminds one of immortal John McEnroe’s statements at Wimbledon – “You Can’t be Serious?”


Given such a ludicrous average, no French Departement would need snow ploughs, ad infinitum.


To say the mind boggles is understating it to the maximum,


Given that ludicrous judgement, then the Dept of Works & Pensions should now also logically have to figure in the average temperatures of Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad, the Bahamas, the Turks & Caicos Islands, the Leeward and Windward Islands, plus maybe a few other exotic British possessions, Dominions – to that of the UK, after all why stop there?


Based on this totally preposterous calculation, basically NO, repeat NO British Pensioner would then qualify for the WINTER FUEL ALLOWANCE!


Sauce for the Goose, Sauce for the Gander!


Are they collectively out of their tiny civil service minds? Why stop there,  they can achieve another economy, after all how many UK Pensioners living in the aforesaid islands of the Caribbean and elsewhere are claiming the Winter Fuel Allowance?  Information easily obtained via a FOI.


This so called ruling comes at a time when the Conservative party desperately needs support, desperately needs voters, and is in fact trying very hard to reach out to the over 5 million lost expat voters.  See recent articles in the Daily Telegraph, Express, Independent – they really want expat voters to vote for them.


This action alone can guarantee expat voters’ total alienation!


One can only assume that Minister Iain Duncan Smith has lost all sense of reality, certainly political reality, in his desperate bid for political stardom, as he drags his tin begging cup along the park railings, trying to prove he is doing something, playing to the gallery, whilst he sandbags the best efforts of the party leaders to re-attract voters.


By denying a number of expat - pensioner voters! UK citizens, who all worked and paid into all the UK systems, all their working lives - into the NHS , into NHI  - the WFA, he might, just might, save 30 million, if and only if he is not defeated in the EU court.  


And he will be defeated, no matter how weasel, hairsplitting,  pusillanimous wording the W & P Department use to try to phrase this legislation –  another total waste of time and loads more of taxpayers’ money – taxpayers who include millions of Expats.


Meantime very little has been done by he and fellow Ministers to get rid of the “”Pilgrims””  -whole time Union representatives ‘’embedded’’ in all sectors of the Civil Service and Public sector being paid for by the UK Taxpayer to the tune of at least 36 million sterling a year, and by other accounts, possibly, more than 120 million sterling  a year.


And what is happening over the 400,000 non UK nationals being paid Jobseekers Allowance, and benefits of every description.

Quote ::

“”New figures showed there were 407,000 non-UK nationals receiving the hand-outs last year, a rise of more than 118,000 since 2008, with the total bill running to hundreds of millions of pounds a year.

“”child benefit payments which EU residents are entitled to claim even if their children live abroad are not included. According to latest figures the taxpayer foots the bill for payments to 40,000 children overseas at a cost of £36 million a year


None of whom had contributed anything whatsoever to the UK economy in taxes –-  claiming anything they could get in benefits and welfare!  Unlike UK Pensioner Expats, who paid in all their working lives. Let Ian Duncan Smith’s Department crack down on non UK national benefit scroungers.


One can only assume that he is heading for the Loony Bin- the Monster Raving Loony bin. It can’t come soon enough.   If only Gilbert & Sullivan were living now, what a wonderful spoof operetta they could write.


This News is now, within nanoseconds reverberating round Europe and beyond to every Expat website, blog, you name it, the Algarve Daily News, News in Italy, Cypriot Expat Blog, and on and on, for all to laugh at, or worse.


God help the Conservative party. . Do they really deserve a Screaming Bonkers Lord Duncan-Smith?


If you believe WFA should not be stopped for Britons in France sign the petition at 

This is open to UK residents or nationals - if your non-UK postcode is not accepted, leave that section blank.



Anita Rieu-Sicart



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